EV's Racing to the Finish Line

Imagine standing next to a race track waiting for the loud roar of an engine to fly past you…but when the cars come by all you get is silence. Well that means you’re a spectator at the new Formula E racing circuit.

Formula E racing was first introduced to the world back in 2014 and it took the racing world by storm! The racing circuit consists of about 20 to 25 pro drivers racing Electric vehicles. The vehicles used in Formula E look the same as those used in Formula One, but use many different materials. The bodies of the cars are composed of carbon fiber and aluminum while under the hood the cars house large batteries. With the cars being powered by battery they are limited on speed and range, which make this sport that much more entertaining for those watching.
In Formula E racing cars weigh more than traditional ones due to the weight of the batteries. The weight difference can be up to 350 pounds. With a heavier weight cars top out at speeds of 140 miles per hour and also have to race on treaded tires instead of the traditional racing slicks. Having race cars equipped with batteries seems to add a whole new dimension to racing as well. Drivers now have to keep in mind battery limits when trying to make the next pass to take the lead from their opponent. A normal race will last around one hour, while batteries only last around 25 to 30 minutes. So the race has created a halfway point to where drivers will all switch out the old cars for new fully charged ones. Oh and another fun fact about Formula E cars is that the batteries are charged using generators that run on emission-free glycerin. 

Besides shedding light on how EV’s can be cool and exciting Formula E also brings sustainability teachings to kids within the areas they race in. The racing series puts on a Formula E school series in which 10 teams of students are provided a kit to make a mini EV. Once the cars are built the teams of students race the mini EV’s around the same track as the Formula E cars. The overall goal of the EV school is teach students about sustainable engineering as well as energy efficiency. The racing series is able to put on these types of fun EV activities in part to Greenpower a UK based charity who promotes sustainable engineering to young people.

Take a peek at the action of Formula E in the video provided. Who knows you might just be the next to get hooked.